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Join hosts Kallie Moore, Michelle Barboza-Ramirez and Blake de Pastino as they take you on a journey through the history of life on Earth. From the dawn of life in the Archaean Eon through the Mesozoic Era - the so-called “Age of Dinosaurs” -- right up to the end of the most recent Ice Age.

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When Crocs Thrived in the Seas
پیش 15 روز
When We First Talked
پیش 3 ماه
The Reign of the Hell Ants
پیش 3 ماه
How Humans Lost Their Fur
پیش 5 ماه
How Plants Became Carnivores
پیش 7 ماه
When Rodents Had Horns
پیش 8 ماه
Tom Marvolo Riddle
Tom Marvolo Riddle پیش 17 ساعت
I love how Earth was so chaotic back then that a bombardment of asteroids was just another Monday
Lionel Washington
Lionel Washington پیش 18 ساعت
3 words- Ice Ice Baby
Stank Faust
Stank Faust پیش 18 ساعت
This is just a hypothesis, But im pretty sure that wolf domestication parallels the human's invention of cheese
kourdoumpoulis پیش 18 ساعت
Look at all these dated refferences. Cool!
Phillip McCollam
Phillip McCollam پیش 18 ساعت
Short answer: 'Cause it's hard out there for a shrimp.
Tomas Lorinc
Tomas Lorinc پیش 18 ساعت
sweating isn't gross, it's a superpower :)
roscoe barney
roscoe barney پیش 19 ساعت
Has a skeleton of a whale with legs been found.
Logan Skiwyse
Logan Skiwyse پیش 19 ساعت
Is it just me or is something off with the portrayal of tool use. If I am using a sharp tool to scrap hide, why would I bring the tool towards my mouth? The area you would be scraping would be from the left hand to the mouth not side to side. Wouldn't it? And you would scrape towards your left hand, who wants to hit them selves in the mouth as indicated by these examples? Alternatively, could these marks be made by early versions of eating tools. We know in recorded history that a knife was the most common tool for eating in early history. And I seem to remember evidence of more primitive tools being used the same way. Wouldn't that fit both hand use and how the marks are made better then what is being described here? Just asking, if anyone has answers to this perspective feel free to point out any errors in my thinking.
Jake Martin
Jake Martin پیش 19 ساعت
I write with my left, eat cereal left but Throw, punch and bat with my right
pranav r
pranav r پیش 19 ساعت
What about Zebras? When did they split.
Sardonic Spartan
Sardonic Spartan پیش 19 ساعت
Yes she did but it's okay now, I have a restraining order against her.
Kenneth Bartels
Kenneth Bartels پیش 20 ساعت
How many takes did that take to explain...? Wow
FireSeraphim پیش 21 ساعت
Can I convince you fine ladies and gentlemen to do a video on mythology, folklore and it's possible connection to early encounters between humans and prehistoric megafauna? I vaguely recall a great lakes tribal folk story about a giant beaver that was on a rampage and a warrior that fought and hunted the giant beaver, the battle lasting a few days and incidentally creating the great lakes according to this vaguely recalled piece of folklore. I think such a video would be interesting from a archaeological and anthropological point of view.
166 - Shubham Patil
166 - Shubham Patil پیش 21 ساعت
I read circovirus as coronavirus
Bandanko پیش 21 ساعت
you missed out a large part of humans living by shallow seas which allowed our ancestors to walk upright and hold our breath (leading to speech). not to mention all the brain enhancing food - shellfish!
Chainy Rabbit
Chainy Rabbit پیش 22 ساعت
I am an Eons superfan. Thanks for noticing
Denis Tobar
Denis Tobar پیش 23 ساعت
10:25 I had to play this at .25x speed because whoever put that text in there left it up for literally less than 1 second. It just says that there’s a bit of a disagreement on who the first bipedal primates were
GohanLSSJ2 پیش روز
If we wanna get really loose with the term "lizard" then the basal amniotes, their reptiliomorph ancestors and even the earliest sauropsids and synapsid pelycosaurs were basically lizards, too.
futurejae پیش روز
i can’t help it what cat wants i give because cat cute
fluffy پیش روز
Oooh this is so cool ^-^ and can you please do a video on pelagornis sandersi please?
Becky S
Becky S پیش روز
Time to clone these "hobbits" so we can find out about them.
Liana Haig
Liana Haig پیش روز
That's not a Terror Bird. That's a Chocobo.
Jm Jm
Jm Jm پیش روز
Early platypus???
Greatkhan6 پیش روز
"jokes about how a T-Rex couldn't do push ups or give high fives." Me: Is that what they're calling it these days?
Brian Edwards
Brian Edwards پیش روز
1.09 Hitler's skull, mystery solved.
Brian Edwards
Brian Edwards پیش روز
*When Trees Took Over the World* "Today this pot, tomorrow your drains, muahahahaha"
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa پیش روز
That actually makes more sense. Woody roots could break rock and allow soil formation.
Bomez Gomez
Bomez Gomez پیش روز
They want tu k ow who left it and what iwm
Christophe B
Christophe B پیش روز
I dont get rafting as a common method wouldnt you have to have atleast 1 male and 1 female that sexually mature and happen to land in a livable habitat. Then because of this, the founder effet, there should be one species you could track back to that it is more related too than any other right and wouldnt all the descendants of the rafted couple even with new speciation would be quite similar?
QBPhantom پیش روز
Since no Scleromochlus fossil was ever found in a tree but many on the ground, I believe they lived on the ground.
luke strawwalker
luke strawwalker پیش روز
So lignin came about allowing plants to turn into trees, but at the time there was nothing to break the lignin down, so during the Carboniferous the trees and plants ran rampant over the world but couldn't rot since nothing yet could digest lignin, allowing all the plant detritus to build up eon after eon layer upon layer until a lot of it got buried and turned into the huge expansive coal seams on Earth today... Then finally fungi and microbes caught up and became capable of digesting lignin, and thus the Carboniferous ended and has never been repeated, since the conditions have permanently changed with the addition of lignin digesters in the ecosphere... Later! OL J R :)
Abi D
Abi D پیش روز
Did flowers evolve only once or multiple times?
555Trout پیش روز
Could the hypothesis of the beginning be any more ridiculous?
Nathan Staffen
Nathan Staffen پیش روز
Was this filmed while it was raining? I swear I can hear rain in the background
Martin Verrisin
Martin Verrisin پیش روز
I'm surprised more plants didn't use "long horizontal stalks / roots" which would create new "plants" around, and grow sideways like this. - I think some trees do this, and mushrooms, and so on... I expected that to be one of the first, especially without any animals around... - It's just growing parts that are not completely dependent on the original "start" part of the plant...
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa پیش روز
I love plants! ❤️🌱
COcowgirl83 پیش روز
Would this show be interested in being featured on and potentially sponsoring an episode of a show?
Eric Taylor
Eric Taylor پیش روز
3:10 So the Avalon Explosion is the exposition that failed? Some mass extinction event killed off 100% of the complex life some time before the Cambrian Expulsion? Perhaps that extinction event caused the Cambrian Explosion in the first place.
westbysouthwest پیش روز
So, thanks trees. Except for you, crabapple tree. You can heck right off.
Issac Pearson
Issac Pearson پیش روز
Humans do not evolve, animals do We didn’t come from animals therefore we don’t evolve We adapt and shape our environment we are different beings all-together
Issac Pearson
Issac Pearson پیش روز
Really weird how we have ancient dates/estimates for for fossils, rocks etc. using technology that’s not even 1500 years old 🤨 That’s like a Newborn baby telling his grandpa about life 😂
Vlad Yvhv
Vlad Yvhv پیش روز
The Wolf is our Brother, and so the Dog is our Best Friend.
mikepette پیش روز
OK YES ! PLEASE ! An episode of the post Devonian extinction and why it happened thank you ahead of time
Camacake GD
Camacake GD پیش روز
Glyptodont fans where you at?
Brian Jacob
Brian Jacob پیش روز
humans are not causing climate change.
Jason Santos
Jason Santos پیش روز
Back in ancient pass ancient beasts Rule
daenja پیش روز
Subtitles in Spanish please 🙂
The Blu Pyro
The Blu Pyro پیش روز
Ive been to Gilboa a few times, really cool fossils.
Christopher Gilbert
Christopher Gilbert پیش روز
Screw it, eat it, or kill it...makes sense we did it best.
TLnn پیش روز
Imagine if trees never evolved - We wouldn’t have toothpicks!
Oonis Aucoix
Oonis Aucoix پیش روز
So a single kind of organism was responsible for a mass extinction and, yet, it made the modern world? 🤔 hmmmm
Kikastrophe پیش روز
Hey! Why did plants not cause their own extinctions too since they relied on carbon dioxide. Just that they reached a level that they could keep the pores open long enough? Or because their primary energy source was photosynthesis?
B پیش روز
For the algorithm.
Fabrimonst93 پیش روز
Crab revolution!!!!
• Pyralis •
• Pyralis • پیش روز
But they still have their arms, chickens, ostrichs and other birds have wings which are probably the t-rex's arms in the present day. They didn't completely lose them, they just evolved into wings over millions of years. And can I just say it; chickens are the closest living relative to the t-rex. I'm not even kidding.
tancheeken پیش روز
Might have, possibility, could be, there is a chance, might be...... Let's make a video about that.
LaughingMute پیش روز
And it took them hundreds of millions of years to trap all the carbon on the earth. Takes humanity a few generations to release it all back into the atmosphere.
Edward Yeung
Edward Yeung پیش روز
Itsjustme Justme
Itsjustme Justme پیش روز
3:58 Following the theory, that evolution only works when every step of developement brings some kind of benefit, Odontochelys seems to be very strange to me. What benefit does it have, to have an armored belly combined with an unprotected back? Most if not all animals that carry only partial armor on their body are armored a lot stronger on their backs than on their belly. No matter if it is a catfish or a hedgehog. So, what was so different in the lifestyle of Odontochelys, that an armored belly combined with unprotected back gave it an advantage in survival?
ALAN GO پیش روز
I learned something new. Thank you all. The channel is fantastic. And Nuna is a cute name for the supercontinent. :)
Jackson Pendleton
Jackson Pendleton پیش روز
7:07 well, we need to change what we are doing or that will change
heyoka Ikaggen
heyoka Ikaggen پیش روز
But you see, now I'm just focused on the relative uselessness of wood as a scrabble word...
Hansel Mansell
Hansel Mansell پیش روز
Never play this guy at Scrabble.
Joris Bolhuis
Joris Bolhuis پیش روز
Well, Canals in the Netherlands still freeze in wintertime. It does not happen each year when looking solely at the last 10 winters, but this year we had a solid week for ice skating.
David Mason
David Mason پیش روز
Big cuddly wuddly fluffy wuffy boy🥰🥰🥰
David Mason
David Mason پیش روز
Polish Bob ross
JMDinOKC پیش روز
I'd like to see an episode about the evolution of DNA itself. DNA is so ancient that its evolution was essentially finished almost 4 billion years ago. But it must have evolved too.
Genet Hagos
Genet Hagos پیش روز
Just learned that thrinaxodon is the cynodont from walking with dinosaurs
Esper L
Esper L پیش روز
*crab people*
Paramount Technical Consulting LLC
Developing wood helped lots of species evolve
Benjamin Nelms
Benjamin Nelms پیش روز
Look behind the dryer!
daenja پیش روز
🙄 Paleontologists always look for an explanation for the extinction of species, when the most obvious answer is in the genes, no species lasts forever and it should not be assumed that its extinction is due to the confrontation with other species or climatic changes, such things can cause the decline of the individuals of a species, but not its extinction, that theory must be reevaluated. Not even the 'civilized man' with overfishing, excessive hunting, the exploitation of the environment, climate change and the occupation of space on earth by its 7 billion individuals has caused the mass extinction of large species on the planet yet.
Lorenzo پیش روز
I love plants! ❤️🌱
Turkana Nation
Turkana Nation پیش روز
People who disliked this video probably belong to the Devonian Period & Eons coverage hurt their feelings.
Jose Suarez
Jose Suarez پیش روز
So we are just perverts?
The Duke Of Dorks
The Duke Of Dorks پیش روز
Ancient sentient submarine
Stolid Fox
Stolid Fox پیش روز
Me: (as soon as I saw it) It's like a hornless rhino. Narrator: You probably couldn't tell, but it's actually related to rhinos. Me:.........you don't say 😆
vinzent1992 پیش روز
I loose all respect for you when you say "wait for it"
Skill5able پیش روز
Trees are made of ligma and stigma? Wow.
MWSin1 پیش روز
The Carboniferous extinction paved the way for the dominance of amniotes, like turtles, birds, and Kevin Bacon.
EN Cyrus
EN Cyrus پیش روز
She completly got wrong the vowels written on her own screen