National Fossil Day Livestream! 

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Our "Night at the Virtual Museum" livestream will now be streaming on both IRitem and Facebook.
To celebrate National Fossil Day, PBS Eons hosts Kallie Moore, Blake de Pastino, and Michelle Barboza-Ramirez will be competing in a virtual scavenger hunt at the Smithsonian NMNH’s Deep Time exhibit, where their fossil knowledge will be put to the test by Smithsonian paleontologist, Dr. Matthew Carrano.
Join us on Wednesday at 8P ET to see which of our hosts will be crowned Champion of Deep Time!
And feel free to explore the virtual exhibit and search for clues alongside them! You can find it here: naturalhistory2.si.edu/vt3/NMNH/z_tour-022.html

Produced in collaboration with PBS Digital Studios and the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History!
Special thanks to everyone at the Smithsonian, especially our MC Dr. Matthew Carrano, and our Eons team.
Super special thanks to the following Patreon patrons for helping make Eons possible:
Matt D, Yu Mei, Colleen Troussel, Dan Ritter, Drew Hart, faxo, Gary Walker, Stephanie Tan, Minyuan Li, Ben Cooper, Leonid, Robert Noah, Matt Parker, Heathe Kyle, Yeakley, Jerrit Erickson, Jack Arbuckle, David Sewall, Anton Bryl, MissyElliottSmith, Zachary Spencer, Stefan Weber, Andrey, Ilya Murashov, Larry Wilson, Merri, Snaidman, Marcus Lejon, Robert Arévalo, Todd Dittman, Betsy Radley, Anthony Callaghan, Laura Sanborn, PS, Philip Slingerland, John Vanek, Eric Vonk, Henrik Peteri, Jon Monteiro, James Bording, Miles Chaston, Michael McClellan, Jeff Graham, Maria Humphrey, Daisuke Goto, Hubert Rady, Gregory Kintz, Tyson, Chandler Bass, Joao, Ascensao, Tsee Lee, Robert Hill
If you'd like to support the channel, head over to patreon.com/eons and pledge for some cool rewards!
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Brent Fontes
Brent Fontes پیش ماه
I was having such a hard time paying attention to what they were saying...
Kurushi پیش 3 ماه
Omg Blake can you adopt me?
Kasper پیش 4 ماه
When are we gonna see Michelle in an episode? :)
Nik Nik
Nik Nik پیش 5 ماه
I am so sad that I missed this stream 😭 Because I knew about EONS channel just about several days ago.
WolfButNo پیش 5 ماه
I'm very annoyed I missed this
Angelita Becerra
Angelita Becerra پیش 5 ماه
Anyone else super crushing on Blake? No, just me?
tyquan fleming
tyquan fleming پیش 5 ماه
What will Venus look like in 40 years
Dinosaurs And The Wonders Of Prehistory
Blake got buff asf
AM D پیش 6 ماه
Really disappointed you guys had to infuse intersectional victim politics into one of the few respites available from all that, science and nature. Honestly wtf
Fahim Ridwan
Fahim Ridwan پیش 5 ماه
Being educated with science means being free from ignorance.i hope you know that
Eva Lamar
Eva Lamar پیش 7 ماه
This was so cool! I had no idea what it would be I was just like “guess I’ll see what this is about” and I ended up watching the whole thing and I loved it! I really hope to see something like this again!
K. Fuji'
K. Fuji' پیش 7 ماه
Oh cool, lotta big brains on the team, this is good! Hello and welcome to the channel, pls enjoy my dinosaur
Karley Spriggs
Karley Spriggs پیش 7 ماه
Eons is amazing!!
Matías Ramirez N
Matías Ramirez N پیش 7 ماه
Are Michelle’s earrings trilobites?
Gold Dragonette
Gold Dragonette پیش 7 ماه
OMG Blake you were Western Digs!? That just blew my mind 😃
Cravid Ana
Cravid Ana پیش 7 ماه
I was sad I missed the live but I was so happy to see you guys. Hail to our queen Kallie. Blake was just spilling tips but wasn't moving. Not a great strategy, Blake. It was fun to meet Michelle. I would for sure take your class if I could. And Matt, thank you.
DatRaptor250 پیش 7 ماه
I hope we see Michelle host a video
kushagra jain
kushagra jain پیش 7 ماه
I accept a vr video Just like on blocko
BornNaked2 پیش 7 ماه
Can I has "Loser" T-shirt? GivePLZ Also, if it makes Blake feel better, I got less points than him xD (I was only close on the scaletrees, after the third clue. Not the actual name tho)
David Ev
David Ev پیش 7 ماه
Kellie is the best
Joey Wall
Joey Wall پیش 7 ماه
My favorite people from my favorite show! Good morning, guys!!
Proxima Centauri
Proxima Centauri پیش 7 ماه
I’ll watch it now because it was 2 am where I live
Breki Einarsson
Breki Einarsson پیش 7 ماه
Please do a video about the formation of Iceland
Radioraffa پیش 7 ماه
The MC has the worst Mic lol
culwin پیش 7 ماه
So cool that the devs left these easter eggs around referencing previous versions.
Remy Tournier
Remy Tournier پیش 7 ماه
Love you from France guys! So cool to see how much you love your job! Best start in the day 😃
Jakob Raahauge
Jakob Raahauge پیش 7 ماه
Same from Denmark!
Aoife Hilton
Aoife Hilton پیش 7 ماه
Oh man, Kallie is so good at this!
Crystal De Souza
Crystal De Souza پیش 7 ماه
Dr.Matthew your mic is spotty
Brian Nelson
Brian Nelson پیش 7 ماه
0:20 Cuz Kallie Fn ROCKS! Happy National Fossil Day, All !!! 1448 thumbs UP ! 14 downers PEACE
SnorgonOfBorkkad پیش 7 ماه
Blake is swolle AF.
Aidan Roza
Aidan Roza پیش 7 ماه
Jakob Raahauge
Jakob Raahauge پیش 7 ماه
Totally get how you feel! I'm on a different time zone - was working 😔 I really worked hard to see if I could make, bot nooo 😢 Love from Denmark 🤗
Doel Johon
Doel Johon پیش 7 ماه
0:18 My thought exactly: Electric guitar! 🤣🎸
Deidara did nine elevan
Deidara did nine elevan پیش 7 ماه
I missed it :(
Zina AK
Zina AK پیش 7 ماه
I love you guys and I'm so thankful for your work 💖
joe b
joe b پیش 7 ماه
It's too bad you cant actually run through the museum.
Mysterious پیش 7 ماه
Love this channel
Kevin Conrad
Kevin Conrad پیش 7 ماه
Thanks for voting Blake!!!
Kevin Conrad
Kevin Conrad پیش 7 ماه
I need to get to DC, the Smithsonian has gotten even better than when I had my internship back in 1978.
Samuel Pirro
Samuel Pirro پیش 7 ماه
Welcome Michelle! Hope to see one of your episodes soon!
Samuel Pirro
Samuel Pirro پیش 7 ماه
You guys are awesome! My favorite PBS show!
Emma Why can’t my user just be Emma
I missed the livestream. But I’ll be watching it now 😌
Sibs X3
Sibs X3 پیش 7 ماه
Hi guys. I love your channel and thanks so much!!! Could you do a dilophosaurus video
Sukrit Mohapatra
Sukrit Mohapatra پیش 7 ماه
This is one of the best paleo channels on IRitem. EVER!!
Bri10 پیش 7 ماه
To be fair there aren't that many paleo channels with the same level of backing
Celeste پیش 7 ماه
@SnorgonOfBorkkad It is still 15 years old, though
SnorgonOfBorkkad پیش 7 ماه
IRitem isn’t that old.
Humayun Azhar
Humayun Azhar پیش 7 ماه
Why didn't Blake share his Tiktok in the end
Aadiv Kole
Aadiv Kole پیش 7 ماه
I missed it out, I missed it out. I have sinned, forgive me, forefathers and creatures of the past
jaxtraw پیش 7 ماه
Surprised you could get Oscar Isaacs to play Dr Carrano.
Malakhpearson پیش 7 ماه
Charlie Pearse
Charlie Pearse پیش 7 ماه
I'm glad Blake has used his lockdown to meld his DNA with Ryan Gosling
Aj Rana
Aj Rana پیش 7 ماه
You guys are awesome 👍
Omura Toshiaki
Omura Toshiaki پیش 7 ماه
Just got off work. I missed it.
Jessica Minnen
Jessica Minnen پیش 7 ماه
love you guys. and Blake, gotta say, while this isn’t at all about looks - the glasses really suit you
Jakob Raahauge
Jakob Raahauge پیش 7 ماه
He looks great with those glasses!!!
I really hate making up names for this kind of stuff
Also, Blake looks like he's about to rip out of that shirt. He's the friend who used quarantine to get Jacked
Althea C
Althea C پیش 7 ماه
Is there an eons quiz show similar to the sci show quiz show? I love seeing the competition among hosts!! Thank you 🙏
Dynamosaurus Imperious
Dynamosaurus Imperious پیش 7 ماه
Nice, livestream this conversation was very nice.
Stephen Street
Stephen Street پیش 7 ماه
Hi! I have to let you know, I have gone to sleep at 2:00 AM watching PBS EONS. WoW! When I was a young teenager ( 60 years ago ) my mother subscribed, on my behalf, to American Museum of Natural History magazine from NY. I read every page. I guess I am still addicted.
neomt2 پیش 7 ماه
Ty for this
Your channel is so awesome and have a great national fossil day sorry I missed your livestream
Sarah whoa
Sarah whoa پیش 7 ماه
Shout out to Kallie for being a total badass!!
Abu Ansar Al-Britani
Abu Ansar Al-Britani پیش ماه
the first trans Eons host
Jakob Raahauge
Jakob Raahauge پیش 7 ماه
Kallie is just AWESOME! I'm a big fan of her! Loads of love from Denmark
Michael Morgan
Michael Morgan پیش 7 ماه
Great show! Have this on all devices for all over my house!!Yeah National Fossil Day!!
Jo-el Benn
Jo-el Benn پیش 7 ماه
Y'all out there doing the Lord's work during this pandemic lol. Love the vids!
shimshimma پیش 7 ماه
michelle 🥰
Rebeca Elizondo
Rebeca Elizondo پیش 7 ماه
Love you guys !!!!❤️🦖🦕
Mark Wolford
Mark Wolford پیش 7 ماه
Thank you all for doing this program on National Fossil day.
Andrea Barboza
Andrea Barboza پیش 7 ماه
love you Michelle
Althea C
Althea C پیش 7 ماه
Could we ask how you got to eons from an academic background?
Althea C
Althea C پیش 7 ماه
@Jakob Raahauge thank you sooo much 😊
Jakob Raahauge
Jakob Raahauge پیش 7 ماه
Kallie has made a video on just that - just don't remember where I found it. I think I just searched her name in IRitem - that or I found it on her insta
Khalid Abd'Al-Malik
Khalid Abd'Al-Malik پیش 7 ماه
Can we talk about primal?
bernard charles
bernard charles پیش 7 ماه
Im half expecting a dinosaur is gonna pop up lmao 🤣
When Antarctica Was Green
بازدید 2.1M
When We Took Over the World
The Story of the Dino Stampede
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