The Genes We Lost Along the Way 

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Our DNA holds thousands of dead genes and we’ve only just begun to unravel their stories. But one thing is already clear: we’re not just defined by the genes that we’ve gained over the course of our evolution, but also by the genes that we’ve lost along the way.
Thanks to these illustrators for their wonderful hominin illustrations featured throughout this episode!
Julio Lacerda: JulioTheArtist
Fabrizio de Rossi: ArtofFabricious/
Jack Byrley: bedupolker
This video features this Paleogeographic Map: Scotese, C.R., 2019. Plate Tectonics, Paleogeography, and Ice Ages, IRitem video: iritem.info/cd/fy-lm-h-y/i8innqfWl365i3U.html​.
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Anti Procras
Anti Procras پیش 16 ساعت
Damn, i wonder if we could make lemonades out of our sweats 🤔
Issac Pearson
Issac Pearson پیش روز
Humans do not evolve, animals do We didn’t come from animals therefore we don’t evolve We adapt and shape our environment we are different beings all-together
Tracie Hall
Tracie Hall پیش روز
Isn't it amazing that we are here?, I'm continuosly amazed that we made it this far, our DNA is fascinating.
raz پیش 2 روز
i want that gulop thing backk
Alessandra Figueiredo
Alessandra Figueiredo پیش 3 روز
Whoa! This is so interesting!! Evolution is beautiful
Nn n
Nn n پیش 4 روز
Am waiting for science to get us transform our genes and become humanimals. I'd like some wings for my birthday. 😂
Adarsh Venukuttan
Adarsh Venukuttan پیش 4 روز
What might be the reason why i dont feel taste and smell while i contacted with sars cov 2?
anuradha priyankara
anuradha priyankara پیش 4 روز
Are you telling me Lemur's are a source of vitamin C?
FireFoxMD پیش 6 روز
I ripped a pair of jeans at P.E today. Isn’t interesting but it was weird seeing that title
Liam Leonard
Liam Leonard پیش 7 روز
Pretty crazy how the game Ancestors nails this. When “leveling up” your early human you unlock genes that add benefits but you can only keep them past your generation if you spend points to “Lock” them in place. I didn’t realize how accurate that mechanic was until this video.
cat with wig
cat with wig پیش 9 روز
if the pseudogenes are basically dead and useless, than why hasn’t time completely removed them from our evolution?
Michael Wargo
Michael Wargo پیش 9 روز
Don’t mention the elephant in the room, rude!
LeetkaDos Huht
LeetkaDos Huht پیش 10 روز
So in other words. The more we reproduce the sicker our kids can be...
Brave Heart !
Brave Heart ! پیش 11 روز
Annunaki intervention
Liam Heath
Liam Heath پیش 11 روز
But when did hominids evolve denim genes?
deodbolen پیش 12 روز
All I’m hear is gene editing better become legal very soon.
vamshi gundamraj
vamshi gundamraj پیش 14 روز
Elephants don’t eat meat still it gets it’s protein from plants which explains their size, Big cats don’t eat veggies but it still makes vitamins internally. We on the other hand, need all important nutrients- proteins, carbs, fats, vitamins and minerals .
Poo Ydragon
Poo Ydragon پیش 15 روز
Buy my new uricase-based weight loss pills! Link in the description...
naruhoedou پیش 15 روز
Maybe the real friends were the genes we made along the way..
Ryan M
Ryan M پیش 16 روز
i wonder what this means for the future of gene editing
Anthony Savage
Anthony Savage پیش 17 روز
You unlock one of those genes you get mutant powers.
22fordfx4 پیش 17 روز
Gulop: died out 91 million years ago Me: We went through a lot of fruit along the way
Griffin Ripley
Griffin Ripley پیش 18 روز
This is one of the best videos I've ever watched lol honestly.
neXtridge پیش 18 روز
Who tf wrote all these codes?
Jesse Friel
Jesse Friel پیش 19 روز
Would love to turn on the "empty fat reserves " gene
Arachnodose پیش 19 روز
Who here wishes we still have gene uox
Nico Rogers
Nico Rogers پیش 19 روز
2:56 “Variation is the raw material for evolution.” One could say, variety is the spice of life.
Andrew Singleton
Andrew Singleton پیش 20 روز
What if we turned some of these psudogenes back on? What would change as a result?
blaine gordon
blaine gordon پیش 20 روز
Physical resurrection does sound cooler than recombinant expression.
Paola Z O-L
Paola Z O-L پیش 21 روز
I have an evolutionary question : How come evolution never "invented" a wheel? not in plants, not in animals either, and we humans havent invented anything better for movement Knowing thet evolution has found out about rotation (eyes, knee bones, shoulders...) how come there arent any natural wheels? the dificult part was to invent wings or even legs. Hips, knees or ankles being much more complicated than a wheel Maybe before wheels you first need roads? but wheels came first in fact, or not? or is not that practical after all? Thank you for your videos, very interesting
ken medlin
ken medlin پیش 23 روز
It’s the circle of life
Joe Asher
Joe Asher پیش 23 روز
Over 90% of our DNA doesn't code for anything... That we recognize yet, we used to think all DNA was junk.
acireale08 پیش 24 روز
Maybe the real genes were the friends we made along the way
MrRudeboey پیش 24 روز
now imagine if u can re activate em
Ls1 1980cutty
Ls1 1980cutty پیش 25 روز
I wonder what will happen when we start modifying our genes and start fixing broken genes that we used to have. Maybe there's a way to unlock immortalism within our genes to slow down our cell splitting?
Zlorfik پیش 25 روز
Given the ability to reacivate dead genes, is it possible to find ancestral versions that are working great and enhance humans with that? I am not talking about whether we should, but, could we?
Rohan Simon
Rohan Simon پیش 25 روز
didn't Jordan Peterson say if we switched to a carnivore diet we lose the need for vitamin c?
Kayla Robertson
Kayla Robertson پیش 26 روز
Super interesting!
Rose Ann
Rose Ann پیش 27 روز
What you eat is what you are Seems legit
NightEnigma8 پیش 28 روز
Gulop needs to stop sleeping.... So I don't have to take Vitamin C pills anymore.
shelbacus پیش 28 روز
Ayo, Imma need dat UoX, lemme get dat 💳💥💥💥 💳
Sadia Azam
Sadia Azam پیش 29 روز
What happens if every single gene in oit chromosomes worked, all the genes wer functioning? Ik it depends on what they code. How do the percentages on inactive genes differ between different animals?
Booger Thief
Booger Thief پیش ماه
Why we gotta call things umami now? Was savory not good enough?
PsY Monk
PsY Monk پیش ماه
I wish my high school was interesting as these videos. I would have been a scientist by now.
Brian Hernandez
Brian Hernandez پیش ماه
Dang we sorta got nerfed
wolfcapital_ پیش ماه
how is this show so good
Philipp Uhlmann
Philipp Uhlmann پیش ماه
Please bring back the uricase. I think modern humans need it again...
Τρύφων Κορμανιώτης
I need these obsolete genes turned on asap!
Tad Doerr VanderVoort Jr.
The evolution explanation is a story, it's a framework in which to hang facts and science. The facts and science stand just fine without the Billions of years, and mutations revealing a phylogenetic tree. The tree is just a way to arrange information and tell a story. The tree is not the facts.
Fundamental Fanatic
Fundamental Fanatic پیش ماه
so is it not a fact that you belong to mammal clade?
John Thumble
John Thumble پیش ماه
Lol silly creatard
Rizka پیش ماه
well damn u ancestors, now i have to take vit c supplement everyday!
Random Stories
Random Stories پیش ماه
Plot twist: people's taste receptors all dies because of covid.
J A S O N · 12 years ago
Haha I eat 2-8 oranges a few tangerines sometimes grapefruit at least every week so I don’t need to worry about this
p m
p m پیش ماه
Why haven't humans evolved to breathe under water yet❓❓
Fundamental Fanatic
Fundamental Fanatic پیش ماه
because they are apes, not fish
Anthony Kiedis
Anthony Kiedis پیش ماه
I’m so happy to discover this channel because almost everything they put on this is exactly what I am interested in and I’m really happy because of that So thank you so much.
Sasan Soltani
Sasan Soltani پیش ماه
When you realise all the livings mutate, not just viruses!
Helmut Mey
Helmut Mey پیش ماه
what is the "umami" taste?
Mthunzi Dhlamini
Mthunzi Dhlamini پیش ماه
Who else was watching this like: "I wonder; which superpowers have I lost??"
Pablo Cejas
Pablo Cejas پیش ماه
Imagine not having the problem of vitamin C during the 1500s
Pablo Cejas
Pablo Cejas پیش ماه
x/y genes be like: SI
Bryton Abbe
Bryton Abbe پیش ماه
if they could revive those cells what stops us from building off our own cells and extend life or generate cells to fix human problems like the deterioration of our heart lungs and organs so we could theoretically
Bad Mother Fucker
Bad Mother Fucker پیش ماه
"The real treasure was the genes we lost along the way."
Charred Eggroll
Charred Eggroll پیش ماه
Let’s be honest, a lot of us came here just to find out what lost genes caused us to grow into such a failure as a species.
John Thumble
John Thumble پیش ماه
I'm here looking for salty Christians😁
Potatochippopotamus پیش ماه
This is so interesting!
MegaSquelch پیش ماه
Ok we can't produce vitamin C. But can a lemur make a banana smoothie? Ha. Thought not.
Cheyenne Life
Cheyenne Life پیش ماه
Tell my little dog that because she loves sweet things, especially mojito jelly beans.
Vincent Hall
Vincent Hall پیش ماه
Species prestige: Humans are so good at surviving and breeding that we have thousands of fossil genes.
Iconic Miss korea
Iconic Miss korea پیش ماه
So if i have a genetic disorder due to MUTATION which means i don't have a disorder but im still in evolution process🙄
Perseus Arkouda
Perseus Arkouda پیش ماه
Monkey drops vitamin C gene. Sailors: Nooo! Monkey drops the ability to break uric acid. Grandma: Nooo! Monkey drops some bitter taste receptors. Gordon Ramsay: FFFUUU!
Mishael C
Mishael C پیش ماه
We're herbivores
Fundamental Fanatic
Fundamental Fanatic پیش 29 روز
@Mishael C exactly what? we are not herbivores
Mishael C
Mishael C پیش 29 روز
@Fundamental Fanatic exactly
Fundamental Fanatic
Fundamental Fanatic پیش ماه
omnivores. but nice try. herbivores have entirely different stomach. usualy couple of stomachs
Sgrinwaipwr پیش ماه
It's by reactivating the pseudo-genes that scientists think they may be able to turn birds back into approximations of their saurian ancestors, right? Like the dino-chicken?
hamid merabti
hamid merabti پیش ماه
Stephen Benner
Stephen Benner پیش ماه
It didn’t bother us that we lost the vitamin C gene until we invented sailing ships and piracy.
selfdeprication dOtexe
our final form better have the ability to turn genes on and off at will
Midnight Portal
Midnight Portal پیش ماه
The thumbnail is gorgeous! 🌌
Ellis Parsley
Ellis Parsley پیش ماه
What if someone has the gulop gene again but doesn’t know
Ellis Parsley
Ellis Parsley پیش ماه
Why did the vitamin c gene die like tf would be really useful
Fundamental Fanatic
Fundamental Fanatic پیش ماه
it just happened, its random mutation. but it didnt affect us much because our diet was rich with vitamin c until we started sailing for long voyages without any fruit on board we also have a gene that makes our muscle growth slower. so we are weaker than other apes. but it was probably required to be able to sustain larger brains instead of huge bodies
Ultralightaman پیش ماه
Wouldn't it be good to reactivate GULOP?
Home Here
Home Here پیش ماه
I wonder if we start fasting for prolonged periods (days, weeks,months then years) if these genes can be repaired/reactivated? What if we just start living off the land and just eliminate anything that’s man made, can these genes be repaired or reactivated? 🤔
Shivaramakrishnan Kumar
1:40 who exactly wants us be defined ?
Dee پیش ماه
Surprising and scaring at the same time. If food has such a profound impact on mutation which means the current processed and unhealthy food choices will mutant gene in future the way that we will no longer to eat fresh food. Karma rule - your action in the present will have consequences in the future
Bill Simons
Bill Simons پیش ماه
I suffer from gout, painful, can we reintroduce such a useful Gene?
NoItsMyHead پیش ماه
I don't know why but these videos are so educating and are so interesting, already been taught more in an hour from your channel than recent years of school.
DMS1983 پیش ماه
In just the last few years we have lost the gene that kept us from wanting to silence all views we disagree with
Brian Jensen
Brian Jensen پیش ماه
Shivani Visavadia
Shivani Visavadia پیش ماه
We aren’t omnivorous, we are originally frugivorous just like our ancestors apes or chimpanzees. They also had to consume fruits in order to get essential nutrients as they couldn’t digest cellulose. So because we started eating meat we started to call ourselves omnivorous. But that’s not true if you see our body really has hard time digesting meat too. So about that point what you said here is not completely right.
Fundamental Fanatic
Fundamental Fanatic پیش ماه
all apes can eat meat. chimpanzees even make hunting parties to kill and eat smaller primates.
daniel harris
daniel harris پیش ماه
Monke: Hey vitamin-c is grea- Evolution: RUN UNINSTALL WIZARD.EXE
Jayanne Nimoh
Jayanne Nimoh پیش ماه
That explains my system breakdowns and information loss. All i hear is OFFLOAD unnecessary genes to reboot!
Diogolsq پیش ماه
I am all about getting UoX gene back, so we can eat our sugary stuff and don’t get as much fat.
ninaandianfan21 پیش ماه
Tsal Vlaxitov
Tsal Vlaxitov پیش ماه
Gene expression, gene death. Pick one. This is dumb.
So... can we bring those genes back?
Blair Lavoux
Blair Lavoux پیش ماه
Jack O'Lantern
Jack O'Lantern پیش ماه
Wtf is umami
Hannah Michelle
Hannah Michelle پیش ماه
If scientists were ever to turn all of these genes back on somehow, we would become a monkey fish frog. XD Jokes aside, this is a very good video.
Derek پیش ماه
Pirates with scurvy are the dislikes on this video.
Tom Wery
Tom Wery پیش ماه
Thats why i gulop my Orange juice
signsofplay پیش ماه
There is vitamin C in raw beef. So, order your steak as rare as possible.
sleepycryptid -send help-
3:31 this is for me to come back to
Nameless King
Nameless King پیش ماه
Me in visible confusion as to why it's "Umami" and not "Spicy" that is included in the tongue's taste receptor lols
Nameless King
Nameless King پیش ماه
If we didn't lose the vitamin c producing genes then this whole corona virus thing would've been much easier to deal with since we all got automatic vitamin c to support our immune system
John Thumble
John Thumble پیش ماه
That's dumb
Jean Carlo Garcia Solis
Why do you thin vitamina c would make an importan difference...
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